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Caprock irrigation

About Us

Peter and Abe started Caprock Irrigation in September of 2012. Peter is an expert in the pivot industry with a great deal of experience. Abe has plenty of years under his belt in the field of pivot electrical services and combined they formed Caprock Irrigation. Their original goal was to focus mainly on the pivot side of the industry but quickly transitioned into full-scale irrigation work including pump pulling, turnkey projects, installing water wells, and much more! Their goal is to always treat others how they want to be treated. Their mission is to complete tasks in an efficient timely manner. And their purpose is to offer all of these services while staying affordable and competitive in the market!

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Pivot installation

We cover everything when it comes to installing new pivots.

Servicing pivots

Our crews and technicians have the experience to service your pivots and ensure as little downtime as possible.

Electrical services

We have the knowledge required to maintain and service all your electrical needs.

Pulling pumps

Pullin pumps can be a hassle, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you.

underground leaks

Diagnosing issues underground is a lot of work, save time and let us handle the dirty work.

Turn-Key projects

From water well installation to having water flow from your brand new Reinke pivot we take care of the entire operation.

water well installation

We have the best products and pump crews to handle all your well tie-ins.

In-line ditching

Getting a permit among other obstacles can be frustrating. Let us handle all your ditching needs.


Here at Caprock Irrigation, our mission is to provide you with high-quality products at a competitive rate. We carry a wide range of center drives, gearboxes, pivot tires, pivot electrical components, senninger products from wobblers, LDN cages, pads, one weights, nozzles, pressure regulators, pivot drop filters and much more! We also provide printouts to adjust your pivot package accordingly.

There’s no doubt it is crucial to keep your well running at all times of the year. With that being said, we keep only the best products in stock including, pumps, motors, shrouds, clamps, heat shrink kits, submersible wire, well plates, complete well elbows, drop pipe, poly pipe, pressure gauges, check valves, pressure relief valves, gate valves, clear views, and everything in between to accommodate your well.

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